The Company “GEO ENERGY GROUP” LLP (ГЕО ЭНЕРДЖИ ГРУПП) is established in 2005. Since 2007 it is a service company specialized in the provision of geological and geophysical investigations with the purpose of exploration of hydrocarbons.

One of the principal directions of the company’s activity is oil and gas seismic data acquisition. The specialized marine fleet, state of the art geophysical equipment, geophysical operations support base and wide experience allow carrying out all types of seismic operations according to highest standards including the linear and dimensional both onshore and offshore investigations.

For successful production supervision and management, provision of high quality services complying with the Consumer’s requirements established by legislative and other obligatory requirements in the area of quality, environmental safety, occupational health and safety in “GEO ENERGY GROUP” LLP (ГЕО ЭНЕРДЖИ ГРУПП) the integrated management system (further - IMS) is implemented and operating in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2009 (since 2011), ISO 14001:2006 (since 2012), OHSAS 18001:2008 (since 2012).

2D and 3D offshore and onshore seismic survey
Our seismic crews are fully equipped by seismograph stations Sercel-428XL, 408 UL produced by France. The seismograph stations include floor equipment and computerized operator station. The operator from his place may track the arrangement of devices of many kilometers long, control the position of vibro- group on line using GPS, has radio communication with transportation and other Client’s subdivisions on site. The floor equipment includes the telemetry modules, cables and seismic receiver arrays.

For the time being more than 1000 geophone groups are used in our company. The up to date geophysical equipment is a high precision device of immense of complexity. The field personal operating and servicing the system of data acquisition has completed the internship in Sercel company (France). The field crews are equipped by geophysical workshops, laboratories for adjustment, repair and testing the equipment. All equipment has being undergone daily tests with entering records of failures in relative reports.

Geochemical survey The geochemical survey is focused on determination of occupancy of hydrocarbons trap by components that is possible only when defining the surface. In case of faulty interpretation of geochemical data, without considering the current migration flows of hydrocarbons the efficiency of work performed may be equal to zero. The traditional approach to the interpretation of the results of the surface geochemical survey means the following expected results – acquisition of geochemical anomalies by form and dimensions by shape and size aligning with traps by earlier determined seismic methods. At that, it is assumed to be the alignment of geochemical anomaly contours highlighted on the surface with empirically distinguished position of OWC and GWC of emphasized traps in oil-saturated or gas-saturated reservoirs.

Processing and interpretation of seismic data
The computation center of processing and interpretation of 2D/3D, 3С/4С seismic data combined newest integrated technologies for research and development of the fields, provision of high quality and cost-efficient services for oil and gas companies.

The center disposes the full working stations and powers for provision of processing and integrated interpretation of seismic data. For that purpose the program complex adapted for operation on personal computers and working stations is used. The programming modules of computer complex allow performing the complete processing graph and integrated interpretation of seismic data in greater volume.

Types of work performed: Processing of 3D and 2D offshore and onshore large seismic data volumes
Processing of complex marine and transit surveys with ringing interfering wave
Solution of problems of complex static anomaly deduction
Allocation and presentation of carbonate buildup
Building of velocity-depth models
Amplitude variation with offset analysis
Amplitude and flexible inversion and lithological analysis
Building of temporary, subsurface contour maps for identified complexes
Provision of seismic stratigraphy analysis
Provision of lithology forecast and determination of oil and gas targets
Geological Modeling
The seismic database archivation and generation
“GEO ENERGY GROUP” LLP owns its premises equipped by all technical facilities required for observance of temperature control and fire safety for storage of seismic materials.

Offshore geotechnical investigations
The company carries out the geological engineering survey and investigations in the Caspian waters under the scope of projects on study and development of oil and gas resources. The received materials provide the safe installation of floating drilling rigs for the duration of well drilling; design, construction of oil and gas field offshore structures and submerged pipelines and consequent monitoring of offshore oilfields and routes. The works are executed in accordance with the national, intergovernmental and international standards, building codes and regulations, corporate standards and Client’s requirements.
At the initial stage during the geological exploration operations those requirements are necessary for provision of safe operation of floating drilling rigs (FDR) used for drilling of exploratory wells. In the period of the development of identified fields those requirements are fulfilled for design and construction of service facilities and submerged pipelines, interfiled structures and facilities designed for transportation of extracted products to the onshore reception centers and offshore loading terminals. During the operational period the monitoring of offshore structures and pipelines status is exercised. Tasks, methods and sequence of its solution determined by regulatory technical documents of different countries and oil and gas companies are identical for various types of exploration. The survey area and scope of work proportion are changed. Enterprises are equipped by hardware-software complexes and equipment of modern international standard allowing the acquisition of detailed and reliable characteristics of geological engineering conditions on sites of estimated prospecting and exploratory drilling, arrangement of offshore structures and routes as well as the assessment of condition and control of gas pipelines water crossing.

Service support of offshore and onshore seismic survey
“Geo Energy Group” LLP offers its up-to-date methods of service support of offshore and onshore seismic survey using the advanced technologies, hardware and software:
• Methods and technique of the field seismic operations;
• Topographic-geodesic and navigation operations;
•2D, 3D survey planning;
• Control of field work quality;
• Development work on selection of optimal source parameters and recording of vibrations;
• Seismic data acquisition
“Geo Energy Group” LLP renders its services in inspection of positioning of mobile floating drilling rigs (FDR) at drilling site

2D and 3D survey planning
• Development of technical design basis and different variants of 2D and 3D survey in onshore, transit, shallow-water, deep-water, industrial areas and in condition of producing fields.
• Design and planning of any type of areal and profiled source-receiver configuration using the system of MESA 10.06 Professional and MESA 12 Expert programs by building up and analyzing the models of environment.

Test survey
• Selection of optimal source parameters and recording of elastic seismic vibrations
• Processing and display of seismic data directly within the field processing center.

Methods and technique of the field seismic works
• Topographical and survey works;
• 2D and 3Dsurvey planning;
• Control of the field work quality;
• Test survey on selection of optimal source parameters and recording of elastic seismic vibrations;
• Seismic data acquisition.

Associated gas utilization
Turnkey construction of two gas treatment facilities in Atyrau region, Republic of Kazakhstan. One unit upon the project “Extension of the gas treatment and transportation system in oilfields of Eastern Makat of the Oil and Gas Production Department “DossorMunaiGas” compresses the produced gas and brings it into a state complying with the requirements of GOST 5542-87. The gas treatment unit in Vostochniy oilfield is designed for processing of associated petroleum gas in a volume of 40 mln norm. cub. m. per year.

The other unit upon the project “Extension of the gas treatment and transportation system in oilfields of S.Balgimbayev of the Oil and Gas Production Department “ZhaikMunaiGas” is designed for processing of associated petroleum gas in a volume of 20 mln norm. cub. m. per year.